Wash of the Month Club

Do you love cruising around in a clean car? And don’t you hate it when it rains right after you just paid for a car wash?

We have the perfect solution: NMD’s Wash of the Month Club!

We created Wash of the Month Club for our clients who want to drive around in a clean car year-round. This bargain offer also makes the perfect gift for anyone in your life who enjoys a clean ride. They will always think of you whenever they wash their car!

We all love living in the Northwest, even though it always seems to rain right after we just paid for a car wash. Our fall and winter weather means your car has to deal with all types of elements and weather conditions. Our Wash of the Month Club removes all the hassle when it comes to keeping your car clean.

How it Works

On or before the first of every month, NMD will send you an email or text message with a link to schedule your detail. In addition, we’ll also send you additional certificates for Quick Washes depending on the package you purchase.

Our program pricing is as follows:

Program Level Regular Price Small/med/large Wash of the Month Price Small/med/large Extra Quick Washes Included
Bronze$100, $115$80, $95N/A
Silver$200, $250$180, $2301
Silver Plus$275, $325$255, $3051
Gold$300, $350$280, $3302


Here are the details:

  • Your payment method on file will be charged for the agreed-upon level
  • Convenient scheduling from your phone/tablet or desktop
  • This is for the same car or similar size car. Quick Washes are only available on the same car the initial detail was completed on.
  • The Wash of the Month bonus Quick Washes can be saved for up to a total of 2 months (2 for silver/silver-plus and 4 for gold).

Our clients enjoy deep savings and extra washes through our Wash of the Month Club. It’s convenient and easy to set up. You get to have a clean car when you want and need it.

You can trust that our company only uses top tier professional-grade products. Our packages also include a 30-day sanitation cleansing that kills bacteria and neutralizes viruses for up to 30 days.


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Our Northwest weather means a little extra effort is needed to keep our cars clean. Whether you are taking off for a weekend getaway, or coming home from an adventurous mountain drive, enjoy your time in a sparkling clean ride!

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